Triple Z Apparel is art your wear to inspire change.

When you wear a message for positive change it's a conversation starter for more awareness for our planet. The next generation shouldn't be left to clean up the mess the time for change is now! Through our art clothing we seek to bring awareness to the climate issues we are battling for not only our children's future, but the survival of the human race. The time is now to speak up for our planet.

The 7 greatest threats to our planet are:

1. Climate change: Heat waves, droughts, flooding, storms, decrease in crop yields, and rising sea levels are just some of the effects we’re seeing from climate change. Not fun

2. Deforestation: Deforestation is one cause of climate change. But beyond that, it’s also responsible for the depletion of oxygen in the atmosphere and the displacement of wildlife.

3. Pollution: According to the World Health Organization, “air pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk.” 

4. Loss of biodiversity: As a result of overfishing, deforestation, habitat destruction, pollution, and other factors, more plants and animals are nearing extinction.

5. Oceanic dead zones: Dead zones occur in the ocean when oxygen levels in the water fall until marine life cannot survive. They pop up near heavily populated coastal regions like North America’s Gulf Coast where there are lots of chemicals in the water.

6. Overpopulation: As the human population continues to grow, more stress is put on the environment and more resources are lost.

7. Over-fishing: Because of irresponsible fishing, many species of fish are on the brink of extinction. And as we’ve already covered, a loss in biodiversity means trouble for us all.

But all is not lost! We are making significant changes and awareness is spreading - movements are building and governments have to listen. But every voice counts. We hope you love our designs and sharing the positive things we can all do to bring the change.

With all our thanks for you and your beautiful heart
The Team at TZ.










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